At FINATICS®, we believe we are capable of creating the change in the world we want to see, as long as we do it together. 

Our passion for sharks runs deep. They are the most important animal at the center of the most important ecosystem on our planet. Since 2020 our mission is to not only raise awareness of shark finning, but work hand-in-hand with organizations in our oceans saving sharks by donating 10% of our net profits yearly.

No sharks, No ocean, Big Problem.™


Every year nearly 73,00,000 sharks are killed for their fins alone in the fin trade. 

Sharks are one of the most misunderstood animals. With the release of the iconic movie JAWS in 1975 people perceived sharks as intentional "man-eaters". In reality, they are an apex predator who maintain the health and species diversity of the marine ecosystem. Without sharks we would not have any clean air to breathe.

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FINATICS® was created from my love for sharks. The ocean has always been my happy place, a place to revive and get clarity. These things however are non-mutually exclusive. We cannot have an ocean without sharks, and we cannot have sharks without an ocean.

My hope for FINATICS® is to shed a light on a dark part of our planet known as shark finning to allow future generations to find their love of the ocean like so many of us have.

- Olivia Notini, Founder & CEO